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innovative digital software

We create smart digital software for complex accounting systems

XNOVOS designs and develops innovative enterprise software that helps clients to manage complex accounting calculations. Our key design principles are:


Technology and innovation meet to yield accurate accounting and tax calculations for your business. Smart software for smart companies!


Integration and automation built into our products allow for expedient month-end and year-end calculations, enabling clients to meet tight reporting deadlines.


Our software is designed to be simple to use. Simpler is better, especially for the user.

You can rely on XNOVOS products to help you work smarter

Our existing tax software has been trialed, tested and proven reliable for ten years by our listed clients. We pride ourselves on delivering products that are accurate and up to date with current accounting and tax legislation. We strive to create new software using revolutionary methods that allow for fast, seamless integration with client systems. Don't get left behind! XNOVOS. AUTOMATE. INTEGRATE.

Discover the XNOVOS products.

  • TaxPacc - a smarter tax process

    TaxPacc.™ is an IFRS tax accounting software solution that automates the tax process to generate tax journals and provide company and group tax disclosure. It drives the corporate tax life-cycle, allowing for easy conversion to a digital tax process.

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move your business forward with xnovos software

Make the smart choice. Connect with us and we will help integrate our automated digital software with your tax and accounting systems.


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